Am I Cursed? Watch Out For The Signs


Am I cursed? Have you been experienced weird things happening to you? Maybe you have encountered different unlucky things coming your way?

Today, I’m gonna show you exactly what to look out for, and what to do if you think that you or a loved one has been cursed.

Black Magic and Curses

Curses can show in various forms. Sometimes you might just have a bit of bad luck, while other curses can have death as a result.

This topic is a bit chilly to talk about, especially when I, for one, know that they are for real, and also have quite some experience helping people to remove them.

In the post Protection Spells for Loved Ones I give an example of how a revenge curse made a woman to lose hair, experience bruises over her body, and to almost getting killed by a car in plain daylight.

As the heading goes, there are many different curse’s out there. Some religions like Voodoo have a bad reputation because of their famous dolls.

However, black magic is in play in a much wider extent than we want to believe.

As an old saying goes, where there’s good, there’s also evil.

You can experience al kind of strange things if you have a curse upon you.

These are just some of the many things that is common.

  • Experience bad luck
  • Loss of hair
  • Horrible nightmares
  • Finding weird symbols on your house
  • Seeing bad omens
  • Missing personal items and underwear

Bad Luck In General

Bad luck is something that is most linked with having a curse on you. This will show in various kind of ways, like small accidents to always miss the bus in the morning. If the curse is powerful enough, the small accidents can soon become much more serious, and death has been reported.

Hair Loss

As I said, I helped a woman that was cursed with a revenge spell from her new husband’s ex. She experienced among other things, hair loss. I remember that I had to cast many different spells in order to finally remove the curses hanging over her.

Horrible Nightmares

Every person can experience nightmares from time to time. However, if you are being cursed, you may be haunted with horrible dreams that won’t go away.

Finding weird symbols around and on your house


For some curses to work, they need to be marked. Witches of all sorts are using different sigils for different curses. The one above is used for bringing nightmares to its victim. The symbols/sigils are often found on the victim’s house or in the nearby areas.

Seeing Bad Omens

So, what is an Omen then? Since way back, crows have been an unlucky sign. Meant that death may be lurking around the corner. Another bad omen might be to see a deathwatch beetle.

Missing personal items and underwear

As weird as this might sound, it is a sign that you might have dark clouds having over you. Your personal items begin to disappear. No, I don’t mean lost items like in a break-in. The particular items should be of a very personal level, like underwear or other things that are considered VERY personal.

The day I saved a woman whose head was about to explode

I know that the picture above looks awful and scary, but there is a reason for me to show it to you.

You see, a woman named Susan sent me an email, telling me that she all of a sudden had started to get these crazy headaches. First, she thought that she had gotten a brain tumor.

She got afraid and went to a doctor, who quickly sent her away on an MRI.

Guess what they found..


They couldn’t find anything that could cause these kinds of headaches and she was sent home, told that it must be some sort of migraine.

Susan is a believer and thought that this could be treated with a holistic approach.

She went to all kinds of different practitioners with a holistic way of treating the body.

Sadly, none of them made the headaches go away.

One day, Susan told a female friend about how she, most days, couldn’t get out of bed because of the feeling that her head might explode.

That female friend referred her to me since she knew my work and thought it could at least be worth a try.

Of course, I wanted to help the poor woman, but at that time, I didn’t know that the headaches were caused by a dark curse..

Said and done, I did what I do best and tried out different kind of spells, trying to remove what could be a curse.

Five days later, the headaches went away…

Susan actually insisted on getting my phone number and called me, crying out of joy and release. She was so thankful for being able to wake up without the headaches.

I still get tears in my eyes thinking back of that phone call.

Non-believers might explain this by playing the coincidence card.

However, both the Susan, whose head was about to explode and I know better.

The lesson of the story

Curses can show in so many different ways, that it’s almost impossible to point out every symptom they can give you.

And the horrible picture at the beginning of the story is taken from the horror movie Scanners.

And it’s the exact picture the woman sent me to describe her condition.

What To Do If You Believe You Have Been Cursed


If you after reading this are afraid that you or some loved one might be cursed, you will do best by finding someone that can lift the curse.

Of course, you can try to do it yourself, but that will mean that you have to first learn magic, and then become experienced enough to feel secure in lifting the curse.

You would want to remove the curse as soon as possible since you don’t know what true danger you might be in.

If you want to, I can help you remove the curse! I have many years experience in the field and I know what combination of spells need to be used.

Contact me here and try to be as specific as possible when explaining your situation.

That’s it for today’s post.

I Love You!

/ Dr. Florian

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