Discount On Spells


I have gotten soo many messages from readers who are on my email list and hoping to win the weekly $125 spell package.

The Win a FREE spell offer is now closed, since I have too much work to do.


Some people are in a hurry and don’t want to wait week after week, hoping they get lucky and get picked for the weekly giveaway.

I totally understand that and I have hundreds of people on my list, so the odds might not be the best if you are in a hurry.

So, that’s why I wanted to give you another way to get a love spell done for you, as of today!

My most valuable package is priced $125, and I get it, it’s quite some money for many people.

However, I put down 2-5 hours of time per client.

So if you think about it, it’s not really that much, and I’m NOT doing this to get rich in any way.

I just have to charge the price in order to be able to help people with my gift.

My Special Discount for you!

I really want to give something to my followers here on my blog.

That’s why I have decided to give a 60% discount on my premium spell package.

Yes, instead of $125 you will pay only $70

I understand that I will almost work for free some hours, but as I said earlier, I don’t do this to get rich.

AND, might I say..

I don’t know for how long I can keep that discount.

I only have that many hours per day and I’m usually quite busy helping out my clients.


SO, If you are in a hurry and want me to help you out.

Click on the image below

All my blessings!

Dr. Florian

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