How to Cast a Spell for Beginners

Today I’m gonna give you some crucial facts on how to cast a spell for beginners.

When casting spells it’s not just about reading some old incantations, using candles and incense. There are much more to it than just reading lines and waiting for the result.

For some spellcasters, especially Wiccans, casting spells is a big part of their religious belief. Think about it as something similar to prayers for a Christian.

Casting spells is known to be an intentional use of the universe’s power that already surrounds us in our ordinary daily life.

Casting or using spells often come with myths about how it’s done. However, it usually requires some meditation to then focusing your spiritual energy into the desired outcome.

Directing all your personal energy means that a person should have an understanding of the power within the person. Example, casting a spell may sometimes require some items like candles, etc. The spellcaster should then evoke imagery and visualize the goal while holding the items. This practice will direct the energy towards the items which then will help in achieving the goal of the spell.

Guidelines to Follow When Casting a Spell

There are many and strict guidelines that always should be followed when casting a spell.

Wiccans would follow The Wiccan Rede which states that “do what ye will, harm ye none” This clearly states that Wiccans could perform rituals and casting spells but its effect and consequences should always be recognized first. For harm done to others and nature, The Rule of Three will kick in. Meaning that casting spells should NEVER be used for anger, revenge, and jealousy.

Aside from being clear with your true intensions, you should also plan the situation for using the spell. There are many different kinds of spells, all depending on the situation. There are love, energy, healing, wealth, peace and other kinds of spells.

The True Power Behind the Spell

how to cast a spell

There are spells which require the spellcaster to use the exact words, while some practitioners of the art would say that those spells which are freely spoken by the caster are much more pure and powerful.

Casting spells will also sometimes require different tools or methods. These tools are often used to manifest the energy which represents your desires and goals of the spell.

The materials used can differ a lot, but common items are oils, candles, cards, stones, runes, etc.

Most of the time, the object used is something associated with the objective or intent. Somewhat similar to Voodoo.

For example, if it is a spell for creating wealth, loose change can be used as material.

Location, Location, Location

Location can also be of importance when casting a spell. Wiccans believe that we are one with nature. They may have some rituals and practices which would require them to perform the spell out in nature.

However, spellcasting can also be done privately. Many practitioners of Wicca often conduct their spellcasting secretly, not just to avoid public persecution, but also to be more focused on where to direct their intent of the spell.

The universe is full of energy. Therefore, there could be negative energy which could interfere with our white magic spells. Performing privately will ensure that our energy is not disturbed.

A common problem among spellcasters is the timing. Some spells will require a specific time to perform them. Adapting to different moon phases could be hard.

Some expert spellcasters who would say that performing spells under a full moon, for instance, is not that important. It can increase the potency of the spell, but will always be the intention that is of most importance.

Directing our mind and spiritual energy towards our objective WILL be the determining factor on how effective our outcome will be.

I hope that you liked this short guide on spellcasting for beginners.

Feel free to download my book about spellcasting. It will give you a more in-depth view of the world of real magic.

May peace be with you!

/ Dr. Florian

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