Myths About Witchcraft

myths about witchcraft

Today, it’s time to debunk some myths about witchcraft!

Often when we talk about witchcraft, our thoughts go to black magick and all the negativity that has caused the world. You might get some flashes from movies or books written in the genre. Witchcraft has made people afraid even before the famous witch trials.

Chanting spells are surrounded by many myths and misconceptions, which has hidden its true essence and principles.

What Are The Most Common Myths About Witchcraft?

witchcraft myths

Myth 1: Those who practice magic and witchcraft worship the Devil

For those who believe and practice witchcraft, good and evil are of big importance.
People who practice white magick is often very careful about what they do and how the spell is crafted. If not, people can become seriously harmed. In addition to that, The Devil is a product of Christianity and isn’t included in the witchís pantheon.

Hell is also a Christian construct and believers of Wicca do not believe it. However, that doesn’t say that because they are not concerned with hell they wouldn’t commit evil acts.
As long as there are people on this earth, some will follow the darker paths. Luckily, there are a lot more practitioners of good than of evil.

Myth 2: Spells have the looks and sound as in the Harry Potter films.

Well, this one is a bit funny..

As you might have figured out, chanting spells and almost everything else about magic has few similarities with movies in the genre. Spells, for a Wicca follower and pagan believers, are quite similar to prayers for Christians. They are a way of communicating with the universe your intent or desire.

You won’t see a practitioner waving around a magic wand, creating flashes and sounds effects. In fact, spells rarely manifest within the same second they are chanted. It usually takes days, weeks or sometimes months before the spells would have full effect. Spells could be about everything from wealth, health, energy, and love.

Myth 3. Casting spells requires very rare materials.

witchcraft paths

No, you don’t need a rabbit’s foot or any other weird materials, just like in movies. Neither do you need a cast-iron pot filled with lizard-tails. Spellcasters will almost always use natural materials like incense, candles, oils, flowers, and herbs if any at all. What’s important well chanting a spell is the emotion and intent of it. Focusing all your energy and direct it towards your intent are what makes your spell a success.

Myth 4. Spells backfire, I’m now a frog?

For Wiccans, all spells or actions must be carried out so it doesn’t cause any harm.
The rule is called “The Wiccan Rede“. Aside from that, Pagan and Wicca followers strongly believe in something called “The Law of Threefold“. – Whatever is done would return back in threefold. That doesn’t mean that the spell backfires, it would just show that whatever is done will come back. Good intentions and positive wishes would not create negative effects.

Myth 5. Spells can make things vanish out of thin air.

Spells do turn possibilities into reality. That said, they won’t make things happen out of thin air. For example; A love spell wouldn’t make a superstar singer fall in love with you and name love songs after you if you have not even met him/her. Neither would it heal you from Cancer in the flash of a second.

Well, I hope I have debunked some of the myths about witchcraft. If you have other myths you think are relevant to add, please contact me and tell me about them.

the wiccan rede

/ Dr. Florian

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