Protection Spells for Loved Ones

protection spells for loved ones

There are several protection spells for loved ones. These spells are made side-by-side other really powerful spells, rituals, and incantations. These spells will protect you or a loved one from evil and danger. It will also work as a shield from spells being cast on them.

Yes, sadly, there are people that might want to harm you in different kind of ways. They may think that you stole their true love away from them, even if your partner chose you. Truth is, you might not even know that you are being attacked.

Revenge spells and other spells made to harm people all come from black magic.

Why? Well, white magic will NEVER work if the purpose of it is to harm someone.

If you have a feeling that someone is doing black magic to harm you, please contact me so that I can help protect you. Black magic spells aren’t something you want to ignore since they can do you harm in ways you can’t imagine.

Sorry, I really don’t write this to scare you or make you feel uneasy in any way. I just take these things seriously, since I know what’s at stake.

Aside from different kind of charms and rituals, other items can be used for protection such as angelica root, anchors, bluestone.

Different Protection Spells for Loved Ones

As I said before, you might be affected by black magic without your knowledge.
Some people are more intuitive than others. There are people that can feel when something dark and evil has been cast on them.

Other people might feel that something isn’t right, but wouldn’t be able to pinpoint that it might be due to black magic.

If you have any loved one that you suspect is a victim for black magic, you should immediately take action so that I can help you cast a protection spell for your loved one.

If you don’t help them to remove the spell or curse that has been done to them, they might start to attract really bad things in their life. If you don’t know how to remove black magic spells yourself, I’m here for you! Just contact me and I will help to remove it.

What if my loved one isn’t a believer in magic?

Well, here’s my philosophy on that matter. Both you and I believe that this stuff is for real, right? Isn’t our duty to help others that haven’t got the knowledge we have?

Think of it this way, If your friend got an unusual ailment and for the sake of the story, you happen to be a doctor. Your friend doesn’t know the danger that hit him, but you do know that if you’re not helping him, the condition will get worse and affect the life of your friend.

Would you stand by and watch your friend get worse? Or would you want to take action and start treating him, knowing that your treatment will cure the disease?

For me, the answer is of course that you would help him in every possible way.

That’s why I think that you should help non-belivers in the same extent as you would every believer.

A True Horror Story From My Early Times as a Spellcaster

If you’ve read my biography, you know that I’ve been doing white magic since my early days on this earth.

I have helped so many people with a broken heart, money problems and sometimes, from TRUE DANGER.

One time, I got a phone call in the middle of the night. I remember it well, since I got a shock from the loud ringtone.

A woman (Michele) who had heard about my powers decided to finally make contact since she was so concerned about her friend (Gina).

You see, her friend had met a man for a couple of month’s ago, and they got in love. The dream of finally finding a loving husband was about to come true.

At least, she thought so…

Little did her friend know that the man that had entered her life came with dark energy.

Oh, the dark energy wasn’t coming FROM him, but from his ex-girlfriend (Linda).
Linda was furious about him moving on and finding a new life partner.

As life went on for the newly in love couple, dark clouds were upon them.

The Strange Sickness

Gina, the girl who thought she had found her dream guy, started to experience weird things. She got bruises on her body and thought she was sick.

After many visits to a medical doctor, she could state that nothing was wrong with her.

However, things had just started…

My friend on the other side of the telephone told me how Gina had started to lose a lot of hair, showed signs of social phobia and almost got hit by a car in plain daylight.

The situation became more and more serious until one day, Linda, the ex, decided to share what she had done, in a conversation between her and her ex-lover.

She had gone online and found someone that did black magic.
This practitioner cast a dark spell on Gina, hoping to help Linda get her ex back.

When Gina’s man heard this, he first laughed at her and put the thought away.
But the worse Gina got, the more the conversation with Linda made sense.

That’s when he told the late caller Michele and she decided to reach out to me.

I helped Gina to remove the black magic and she got better and better.

Today, Gina and her husband Greg are still together. (Yes, just to boost certain things, I chanted a binding spell as well.)

This is just one of the many stories I remember, doing service in the name of love.

I’m sorry if I got a bit off-topic in my story, but it still makes me feel very respectful over the powers that are working around us, both light and dark.

Thanks for listening to me!

All my love.

/ Dr Florian Rüsth

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