Who’s The Doctor?

My name is Florian Rüsth, I’m a mystic and have been studying spiritual matters for as long as I can remember. I hold a doctorate title in Metaphysics, which is the study of what cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality. Find my YouTube-Channel Here

I was early introduced to different spells and the power of making use of them for my own, and others well being.

I particularly remember a story from my youth where I cast a love spell for my friend Juliette. She was so in love with a young man who worked as a baker.

She used to start her day by visiting him at the bakery, buying fresh bread for her family.

He was always kind but didn’t seem to have any romantic feelings for her.

I remember that Juliette did everything she could in order to get his attention. But the young baker was sort of immune to her desperate ways of trying to catch him.

One day, Juliette came to me, since she knew that I was starting to develop certain powers in spellcasting.

-“Please Florian, make Rikard fall in love with me! I can’t go on with my life before I at least have done everything I can to make him mine.”

I told her that I couldn’t promise her any results, but that I was willing to give it an honest try.

Said and done, I researched and found out about an old Celtic love spell that was famous for giving results.

To my and Juliette’s disappointment, nothing happened!

At least not right away….

Juliette was ready to give up her dream about the pretty baker when she one day (about two months after I had been casting the spell) was sitting by the lake, dipping her toes in the water, heard a shout from behind.

There he was, standing behind her with rosy cheeks and trying to catch his breath.

-“Good morning!”, he said.

-“I haven’t seen you at the bakery for quite some time, is everything alright?”.

Juliette told me that he had felt a sudden attraction to her, and got afraid that she moved away from the little town.

Today, 17 years later, they are married and have two lovely children.

Juliette and her lovely family

We sometimes talk about this story, and I now know, after all the people I helped, that it wasn’t luck or anything else that made Rikard go search up Juliette that day by the lake.

I sincerely hope that you will love my blog where I try to share my experience as a speaker for the spiritual in our world.

All my love!


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